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Thank you for visiting us at Dwarddogo's. How did we come up with this name? Well to make it all short and sweet, my name is Diuntae Ward so that's the first part of our name "D" for Diuntae and Ward, well that's obvious. Last but not least Dogo's, well I guess that's obvious too. So if you think about it Dwarddogo's is short for saying Diuntae Ward Dogo's.




We the people at Dwarddogo's strive to produce Dogo Argentino's with excellent temperaments and of good health. We do what we do because of the love of this majestic breed. We strive to produce a Dogo Argentino with the same traits that Dr. A. Martinez developed back in the early 1900's. We produce puppies that are proven to be great hunters, show ring capabilities and overall excellent temperaments which to me is of upmost importance. I consider myself as being a hobbyist that takes producing puppies very seriously and have been taking it seriously for the past 17 years. We strive to take care of our customers and it shows being that most of our customers are from repeat buyers or of someone that has been referred to us. What does this mean for you? It means that you will be taken care of properly, we will be available throughout your purchase before and after for as long as you need us. What we do for you? When the pups are born we take pictures of every pup available and post them here on the available puppies tab. Once you decide which pup you like then at that time I remove that pup from available status to sold status. Next, I take pictures of your puppy once a week and forward them to your personal email for viewing of your pups progress. When your puppy becomes 8 weeks we make arrangements to have your pup shipped to your doorstep or as close as possible or we can make arrangement for you to come pick your puppy up. See, Easy! Peazy! Lemon Squeezy!!

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Bob Acri (Bob Acri)