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Chris from Apopka Florida

Halo is a great addition to our family. When I initially purchased her my wife was kind of skeptical at first so I took her on the road with me for work and she loved it,  but as Halo begin to come into her own my family didn't want her to come with me on my extended work trips anymore so I had to start leaving her home to sort of share her with the family...LOL. All of us are so happy to have Halo. Mr. Ward you are a good person and I'm happy to have dealt with you and will purchase another pup from you in the near future.

We love her so much.. She will have plenty of land to roam on our farm. Thank you very much!

Thank you Mr. Ward. At 8 weeks our pup is adjusting very well and Is already more alert than my 6 month old Lab.




You are welcome Alex! Look forward to working with you again in the future. Thank you!


Updated picture of Alex Navarro Dogo Argentino. He's very happy and satisfied of his purchase.

Beautiful male found a loving home in Florida to Mr.Sean Blackmore. Thank you very much Sean!
Beautiful solid white male puppy has found his way to Michigan where I know he will have a loving home.

We couldn't have been any happier to have found a home for Sasha right here in our beautiful State of Georgia. Sasha is loved and hear nothing but good things of her progress. Thank you!

John and Lleah Morato of New York with their new pup Kato picked up 6/12/17.

Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Morato and Congratulations!

Thanks to Mrs. Lewis from Colorado Springs for purchasing Aphrodites born 4/17/17. Mrs. Lewis says " We did puppy 1 and she was the only pup who got everything the first time, she's a great pup and so funny". Thanks again Mrs. M. Lewis!

Thanks to Mr. B. Brewer for his purchase of both Blu & Ace. Thanks again Mr. Brewer for keeping the brothers together.

Thanks to Mr. C. Washington for his purchase of Ghost. He will be an outstanding male. 4/17/17 thanks again Mr. Washington!

Beautiful 8 week old pup found her home in North Carolina. Thanks for your business!
This big female went to her forever homes in south Georgia. Thank you guys, it was a pleasure to meet you.
Off to Savannah he goes to his new owner. Thanks
Thank you guys for your business, I know she has found a great home in Texas.